Netop Vision Pro

About Netop

Netop is the world leader in classroom management software, helping six million teachers and students in 105 countries make teaching with technology easier and more effective. Headquartered in Denmark, Netop has offices in the United States, China, Romania and Switzerland.

The combination of Specktron Interactive devices and Netop’s Vision software creates a compelling solution for classroom and training environments, by allowing teachers to effectively manage how students are utilizing their own devices during class time; achieving the right blend of individual and group learning. This offering would be available in Europe only.


View Student Screens

See everything your students see

With Vision, you'll see what's happening on all student screens. Is someone struggling with a lesson? Playing on social media? Cheating on a test? You'll know firsthand by seeing live views of all student screens on your computer. You can even customize your view to match your classroom layout.

Standard Post with Image
Standard Post with Image

Blank Screens and Block Input

Refocus students’ attention, reclaiming instruction time

Eyes front! Pay attention! Simply press the button to lock student screens and keyboards, redirecting students’ attention. You can even customize the lock screen image to add your own personal flair.