Specktron is a leading brand pioneering in Audio Visual (AV) and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) products. Specktron has championed the use of Interactive Touch Technology which can be utilized for Education, Corporate, Government and Hospitality sectors. Specktron offers Innovative products such as Interactive LED displays, Multimedia & Laser Projectors, Interactive Whiteboards, Video Walls, Digital Kiosk, HDMI Wireless Display System, Software Solutions and Portable Visual Scanners. 

Advanced Technology

Specktron provides industry leading innovative technology solutions ahead of competition, whether it is Education, Corporate or Retail solutions. We strive to deliver the best, Always.


As a leading manufacturer, Specktron delivers a power packed performance with its products, be it spectacular speed, responsiveness, high quality graphics performance or multi-touch technology.


A collaborative learning environment for classroom or an Interactive meeting session for corporate, Specktron products are truly multi-purpose.

What Clients Say?

We are delighted to be working with Brakenhale Academy in Bracknell; supporting their efforts to develop and improve ‘the fastest growing secondary school in Bracknell Forest’ with a focus on ‘high expectations and challenge.

Having the Specktron display has made my lessons much more engaging, I can use a lot more interactive resources and get the students up to the board to do things more. The functions on the screen like allowing me to annotate things and zoom on things has been really useful. The whiteboard programme has also been fantastic, taking screenshots of worksheets and information and allowing me to make notes/highlight key information.

Overall I love it and find it so useful and better than my old board was.

C Thomas, Maths Teacher Specktron

It has made the lesson much better, everything is much clearer. Lessons are so much more fun and interactive, It's so cool going up to the board to do the answers.

                                                                        Student feedback

The Brakenhale Academy Specktron

Specktron is an innovative and leading audio visual technology company that offers an extensive range of products and solutions for various environments.

British International School, Abu Dhabi Specktron