Specktron SDP600

Specktron SDP600


All-in-one Interactive Multimedia Podium with Built-in Microphone (Wired/Gooseneck & Wireless).
Touch Control Panel for changing sources for Projector, Projector Power On/Off, Volume Control and Screen Control Switches.


Interactive Multimedia Podium

Interactive Multimedia Podium

  • Hydraulic System for Monitor
  • 19" Finger Touch LED Monitor
  • Multifunction Switcher Control Function Wooden Top with Centralized Locking System
  • Cold Rolled Steel Cabinet with 9U Standard Rack & Centralized Locking System Access doors from both sides for quick service
  • Industrial Standardcastor Wheels with Quick Lock Pad
  • Full Fledged Sound System Gooseneck Mic, W/L Handheld Mics (2) with Rack Mountable receiver
  • Full Featured Professional Amplifier with independent controls External Speaker for wall mounting (speaker cables and brackets are not included)
  • Space to keep other Devices such as PC, Laptop, Visualizer (Devices are Optional)
  • Provision for Cooling Fan & External Power Source
  • Optional Branding for Brass Logo or Sticker Work
  • Conditions apply. Product available only in India market.


  • Dimension : 110 x 75 x 100 cm
  • Weight : 90 Kg


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