Specktron HS-2510W

Specktron HS-2510W


HS-2510W is the solution for the counter space problem. It takes the all-in-one concept to the extreme. The compact all-in-one design of HS-2510W frees more room for counter space, so that the store owner can display and promote more merchandize to maximize sales opportunities. 


Key Features

  • Compact - The compact footprint of HS-2510W makes itself adaptable to a wide range of counter styles and allows every inch of the work space usage to be optimized, thus creating maximum profit return for the store owners. This is what space saving is all about. 
  • All in one - As an "all-in-one"  solution, HS-2510W touch screen terminal integrates some of the most widely used peripherals in daily POS operation, such as 3" thermal printer, MSR, smart card reader, finger print sensor and 2nd customer display, and  has the features and functionality to cater for uncompromising performance. 
  • Aesthetics - Dressed from head to toe in timeless black or white color, the only trend that never goes out of style and with stylish touches added throughout, HS-2510W is not just a piece of machinery, it is an elegantly crafted piece of art that looks right at home in any store decoration.


Processor  Intel J1900 Quad Core cpu, 2.00 GHz upto 2.42GHz, 2M Cache  
System Memory  DDR3L 1333MHz, SO-DIMM X 1.4GB Standard, upgradable upto 8GB
Storage Device SATA storage x 2 or eMMC x 1, 320GB Standard     
Power Supply 12V DC power adaptor, 100W        
OS Support  Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry / Windows 7 / POSREADY 7 / Linux per request